Founded in 2017, Alleva was started to help people overcome addiction. After enjoying great experiences in the healthcare technology space, while subsequently watching family members and friends struggle with addiction, we decided to put our knowledge and expertise to good use by helping individuals and families achieve peace and happiness in their lives. Our “Aha!” moment came as we watched an opioid treatment center open next to our offices and struggle as they dealt with managing an ever-increasing patient load. We listened to the challenges they faced and started devising ideas of how we could help. Our mission is to help people overcome addiction by providing state-of-the-art technology to the clinicians and administrators who care for them. Helping our clients trend data and automate processes and workflows that were once tedious allows our customers to spend more time doing their most important work — caring for their patients.

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1401 N El Camino Real,, Apt. D
Suite 100B
San Clemente, California 92629
United States

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