Transforming Life Center, Inc.

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5782 Ohio St
Yorba Linda, California 92886
United States

addiction. Codependency. Gambling.


  • 1- Based on behavioral modification system, we transform our residents.
  • 2- we address the whole family and treat them like our residents.
  • 3- we're the only nicotine free facility in whole California, and expect families to stop
  • nicotine as well.
  • 4- We admit and treat codependents whom have not used any drugs or alcohol yet.
  • So that they could prevent the future possibilities of depending to drugs ? alcohol.
  • 5- We're a non profit 501 C3 organization, who's committed to serving the community at
  • need with their addiction and codependency.
  • Gold


we're ready to serve the community 24/7

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714 340 0131

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